Outdoor Learning Area


The Outdoor learning space gives our students the chance to get outside and explore.

Library Resource Centre


Our Library Resource Centre is a welcoming enviroment for the students to visit.

Playground Area


Our Playground is part of our extensive play area for the students to enjoy.

Our Vegetable Garden


Our Vegetable Garden offers our students the opportunity to explore and grow vegetables and herbs.

Each class takes a responsibility for a patch each year to maintain and cultivate.

We are teaching children about sustainability.



Our Classrooms


Our classroom facilities offer traditional settings whilst providing the most contemporary educational resources including computers, laptops, tablets, e-readers and interactive whiteboards.  All areas include a breakout space between classrooms to enhance collaborative learning.

The students in Reception to Year 2 are in an area that allows for flexible learning opportunities with the ability to use adjoining rooms.  Teachers have their own classroom space but have the ability to work with colleagues in a team teaching situation as the need arises.  These facilities also include outdoor areas and a breakout space. 

All of our classrooms are carpeted and air conditioned.

Our goal is to build learning communities.

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Our Library


The Library Centre is light and bright and offers many opportunities for students to engage in various learning and research activities.

Facilities include a large collection of fiction and non fiction books, references, computers, games, and educational equipment.

Students have access to the Library in class time and at lunchtime. 

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Our Grounds

The grounds are attractive with both hard and soft play areas along with a Playground for the students to enjoy.  

The school is fully fenced with gates being locked at 9.00am and re-opened again at 2:50pm.  All visitors to our school during the day are only able to enter via the School Office.

Our Courtyard


The school is designed around a central courtyard used for gatherings, hard play, basketball, netball and yard games.  We have plenty of space for shelter and activities.

All classrooms surround the central courtyard.

The courtyard is a wonderful gathering space for our school community.

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Our Oval


Our school has a large oval for PE and sport activities. 

Our students enjoy this open space for a variety of play and activity. 

Our school gathers on the oval for various functions. 


Stage 3 Building Program

The school has completed the third stage of building development.  The project involved a renovation of the Senior Unit Building and the five white transportable buildings facing the oval.