Safety & Wellbeing

Student safety in our school

Children learn and develop best when they feel happy, safe and valued.  At St John Bosco School:

  • everyone has the right to feel happy, safe and valued
  • everyone in our community shares the responsibility to ensure students are happy, safe and valued
  • we do not accept harassment/bullying in any form and have measures in place that attempt to prevent it
  • we teach our students to recognise harassment/bullying and to problem solve to the best of their ability and to seek adult support when needed.

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Caring Staff


At St John Bosco, we employ staff who want to be here, who have a genuine vocation to make a difference in children’s lives and learning, who demonstrate concern and interest in children’s well-being and who have an affinity with our Salesian spirit and charism.

Our staff are very caring and nurturing, very professional and very dedicated.

Personal Responsibility

In teaching and modelling our ethos of respect and understanding we strive to develop a positive culture in which caring and consideration for ourselves and others is paramount and in which students have personal responsibility to make appropriate and just choices regarding behaviour.

Making mistakes is part of being human, but accepting responsibility for them and restoring right relationships is part of being Christian.  Staff support students to learn about appropriate behaviour and help students when things go wrong.

At St John Bosco we use Restorative Justice processes to support students to restore relationships.

You Can Do It!

The key elements to achieving success at school, experiencing well-being and developing positive relationships are summed up in the 5 Keys to Success outlined in the You Can Do It! Program; persistence, confidence, resilience, organisation and getting-along. At St John Bosco we teach this program to support our students becoming the best that they can be.