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Ash Wednesday

17 February 2021

Today we began our Lenten Journey with Ash Wednesday Mass celebrated with Fr Peter. It was a lovely celebration with Fr Peter reminding us to aspire to Be More, the theme for 2021 Project Compassion.

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Shrove Tuesday

16 February 2021

In many ways Shrove Tuesday is about beginning a time to ‘unclutter’ our lives. We know it as a great day to eat pancakes but it also has special religious significance, and provides a valuable message for all people.


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Welcome Night

09 February 2021

It was wonderful to see so many of our families at our Welcome Night.  Our teachers enjoyed reacquainting with many families while also welcoming new families to our community.

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St John Bosco Feast Day

02 February 2021

The 31st January marks the Feast Day of St John Bosco.  We celebrated this special day with a whole school Mass led by Fr Peter.  We acknowledge that St John Bosco’s legacy of work with young people in education is why he is the Patron Saint of our school.


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Year 5 Three Day Activity Program

13 November 2020

Our Year 5 children participated in their three day activities program last week. The children participated in Hip Hop dancing, an excursion to Morialta Conservation Park and to Woodhouse Activity Centre. Over the three days the children participated and many activities that required team work and positive mindset to attempt new and challenging activities.


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Remembrance Day 2020

11 November 2020

Year 6 Camp

11 November 2020

Our Year 6 children enjoyed their camp at Port Hughes. The children engaged in many team building activities on the beach and at the camp site. 

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Marine Discovery Centre Visit

10 November 2020

Today our Year 1/2 Students visited the Marine Discovery Centre.  Read more from the children about what they enjoyed on the day!



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Musica Viva Performance 'Wyniss'

02 November 2020

Today a group from the Torres Strait Islands, Wyniss, through Musica Viva Australia, performed for our school via zoom.  The focus of their performance was to teach our children games, songs and dances that had been passed down to the performers by their grandparents and elders.


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Sports Day

23 October 2020

Last week our community came together for Sports Day. It was a pleasure to observe the skills and determination of our athletes. 

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