Our Staff

At St John Bosco School we have a dedicated team who work in collaboration to ensure each and every child is thriving and reaching their full potential. Relationships are at the heart of our teaching and learning and it is our role as educators to know each child's gifts, talents and challenges and nurture their own individual learning journey.

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Kate Turner 


As an educator with over 25 years of experience, I have worked within many school communities. From the moment I arrived at St John Bosco at the beginning of 2020 I felt an instant sense of belonging.  I feel blessed to be leading the St John Bosco community, working alongside a team of dedicated staff who place the children at the heart of their daily work. Working in partnership with the children, staff and families we are continually striving for excellence to ensure our community is a shining light within the western suburbs. 


Leah Bellifemini 

Acting APRIM & Leader of Learning Years 3 - 6 

It has been an absolute privilege to join the SJB School community this year. I have already been overwhelmed with the kindness and support from staff, children and families. Throughout my teaching career I have had the opportunity to work in both Primary and High School settings, within the Catholic Education sector. Most recently, I have taught and led the Year 7s with their transition to High school. Throughout my 15 years of teaching, I have taught all year levels, from Reception to Year 9. I am passionate about providing children with learning opportunities that are dynamic, engaging and centered around their interests. I deliver experiences that allows the children to grow as a whole person. I place significant importance on relationships and endeavour to build a strong rapport with children and families alike. I look forward to getting to know all members of the SJB community in the near future.

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Nicki Sharrad 

Leader of Learning and Inclusive Ed Coordinator 

I have taught all year levels at St John Bosco from Reception – Year 7. I feel privileged to work in such a welcoming and caring community. I am passionate about providing an engaging learning program for all students in a challenging, safe, and supportive environment. I strive to promote growth in each student and foster the development of the whole child, both academically and emotionally. I see myself as a facilitator of learning and I promote student voice and agency to provide genuine learning and leadership opportunities for our senior students. As a Curriculum Coordinator, I also work with our staff to explore and deliver engaging programs with contemporary pedagogy. I value the importance of developing positive relationships with our students and families and am honoured to be a part of their learning journey.  

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Giovanna Burgess 

Reception Teacher and Leader of Learning R-2 

My teaching career spans 22 years and I have been teaching at St John Bosco School for the past 14 years. I am passionate about nurturing the 'whole' child and valuing the uniqueness and creativity that each child brings to the many learning opportunities they are presented with each day. Watching my students grow and assert their place in the world is extremely rewarding and I look forward to continuing to build strong, meaningful relationships that will sustain a love for lifelong learning!

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Amelia Le Duff 

Year 1-2 Teacher 

As I join the St John Bosco school community I feel overwhelmed by the warmth, kindness and generosity that surrounds me. Throughout my teaching career I have been fortunate enough to work in a range of different contexts, including country South Australia, Adelaide southern suburbs and several years overseas in a variety of London schools. I am passionate about the holistic development of all children and journeying alongside them, as they work towards achieving their learning goals. I believe relationships are at the heart and soul of everything we undertake in education and children thrive when they are immersed in dynamic and engaging learning experiences. I feel so privileged to be part of this wonderful community.

Louise Marshall 

Year 1-2 Teacher and EALD Teacher 

I have joined the team at St John Bosco in what is my 20th year of working as a teacher. Over those years I have taught in Junior Primary and Primary classrooms in Darwin, Melbourne, London and Adelaide. My mission as a teacher is to help children be the best they can be and to assist each individual in unlocking their potential. I believe all relationships; with students, parents and colleagues, should exist with unlimited kindness. I aim to foster a joy in learning and guide students to seek individual success yet also be responsible and generous young citizens. I love my job and that I can help mould creative, independent and collaborative learners who are resilient and spiritually-aware.

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Jessica Rushby 

Reception Teacher and Wellbeing Coordinator 

I am excitedly joining the St John Bosco team in 2022 and already feel warmly welcomed by the community. I am passionate about early childhood education and have taught Reception for the past eight years. My class environment embraces strong relationships, fun, and authentic, meaningful learning experiences. I'm a reflective educator and believe in the immense capability of each and every child. I am looking forward to further getting to know the children, families and staff of St John Bosco.

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Rebecca Werner 

Year 1-2 Teacher 

I feel fortunate to be able to share my passion for early childhood education and teaching at St John Bosco School.  At St John Bosco, there is a real sense of relationships and community – a feeling of welcome, togetherness and of love.  As an educator, I  place children at the heart of everything I do, believing that they are strong and capable beings.  I feel blessed for the magical moments I experience when learning alongside children and to be working within a faith-inspired community where each individual is valued, everybody belongs, and where not only the mind and body are nourished, but also the heart and spirit.


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Helena Pomeroy 

Year 3-4 Teacher 

I feel so blessed to have joined the wonderful Saint John Bosco School community. I am passionate about providing a curriculum that challenges and engages every child, which develops and nurtures the whole child – intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. I seek to work in partnership with students, parents (child’s first teacher) and families to support each child to grow and learn the best that they can. I hold the dignity of the child at the centre of all that I do and strive to form positive relationships with all in the community – students, families, colleagues and the parish. I provide a warm and welcoming learning environment, where children feel welcomed, nurtured, safe to take risks and thrive in their learning journey.  

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Marianne Pope 

Year 5-6 Teacher 

I passionately join the St. John Bosco community, a unique place of joy, wonder and welcoming. I have taught within Catholic Education for almost 20 years and I feel privileged to have taught within Early Childhood settings, supporting children’s journey into school life, as well as Reception through to Year 5-6 children. I believe that all children possess extraordinary potential for learning and have the right to be respected and valued in their own identity, uniqueness and difference. I believe that relationships are imperative for quality teaching and learning to flourish. These relationships are nourished by mutual respect and working collaboratively. In togetherness with the children, we create a learning environment that fosters interdependence, exploration, curiosity and communication.  

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Dino Zandona 

Year 5-6 Teacher/Physical Education Teacher 

I feel very fortunate working in the St John Bosco school community. The best part of my work as an educator is the opportunity to form crucial and fostering relationships with students on a daily basis, as well as facilitating their development and growth whilst they progress on their learning journey. With my dual roles as a class teacher and specialist Physical Education teacher I have the unique opportunity to personally engage with all students and families from Reception to Year 6. I am passionate about coaching and developing young people in all aspects of their learning and instilling positive healthy and active lifestyles.

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Kos Skouroumounis 


I have been part of the community for over 12 years.  I have  a passion to nurture the school grounds which includes the creation of a native garden, an orchard and a vegetable garden where I am fortunate enough to work alongside the children to explore the fundamentals of horitculture.  I have embraced the community.  The community is more than a workplace it is part of my family.

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Rici Hardy 

Classroom Education Support 

I have been involved with the St John Bosco Community for the past 21 years.   I am a part of the wonderful learning support team and enjoy working in conjuction with both the teaching staff and children as we strive to achieve the best outcome for their learning and well being journey.  

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Mary Jessup  

Classroom Education Support 

I am a mother of four and worked as an ESO in the SJB community since 2013.  I believe strongly in supporting childrens well being and nurturing their development through building positive relationships and connections. My aim is to assist students to be the best they can be, to have self compassion and to believe in themselves as successful learners .  I have a passion for early literacy development and am fortunate to be involved in delivering Literacy Intervention programmes and supporting students in the Junior and Senior levels at SJB. 

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Viki McGregor  

Classroom Education Support 

My name is Viki and I provide classroom support as part of the ESO team. There is a welcoming and nurturing feel to the community of St John Bosco School. We provide a supportive atmosphere within the classroom and strive to develop the whole person, spiritually, emotionally, and academically. I enjoy helping students to continue to improve and achieve their best.  

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Mim Scriva 

Classroom Education Support 

I am so fortunate to have been welcomed into the St John Bosco community with open arms. I have been deeply moved by the compassion and support shown by all the staff and children and feel blessed to be a part of such a wonderful community. Nothing is more rewarding that watching our students develop into confident and successful individuals. I am looking forward to working closely with the children and nurturing them in a safe and supportive learning enviroment so that they can reach their full potential.

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Carmelina Cavuoto 

Classroom Education Support 

After 32 years working in early childhood education, I feel blessed to be able to continue my journey with the Saint John Bosco school community. 

My role as an Education Support Officer enables me to work alongside and build relationships with educators, children and the families.

I am passionate about supporting children to reach their full potential while nurturing their strengths and curiosities.

As part of my role, I coordinate and facilitate our Playgroup where I welcome families within our school and the wider community.

Playgroup provides children from birth to school age with opportunities to explore their world through hands on, active play and social engagement.

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Lachie Camm 

Classroom Education Support 

I am a curriculum ESO and I currently spend the  majority of my time in the 1/2 and 3/4 unit. I’ve been an ESO at SJB for 2 years now and love working with all the students, particularly the opportunity to take them out for a run around outside as sport is as a passion of mine. 

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Franca Jeffery 

Personal Assistant to the Principal 
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Elaine Cram 


As an Education Administrator, having worked in the public, private and catholic education system for almost 18 years in Adelaide and Brisbane and a mother of 2 daughters who have recently finished their senior schooling, I believe there are few decisions in life as important as being a parent and choosing their childs first school.  Having worked at St John Bosco school now for 8 years I believe that this school provides all the necessary tools for children to develop and grow up to be caring and capable young adults.  It is always a pleasure to meet and welcome new families and students to our school and be involved with their child's journey.


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Mirella Tsimiklis 

OSHC Director 

I have been welcomed into the St John Bosco Community with open arms and am deeply moved by the kindness and support shown by all the staff, children and families. As an OSHC director, I work closely with children of all year levels, families and the wider community. I am dedicated to providing an active program (before and after school care, as well as vacation care) for our children.  The program offers children the opportunities to try various activities that enable them to engage confidently and positively alongside their peers and the wider community.   I feel very blessed to be a part of this wonderful community.

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Julie Graney 

Library Co-Ordinator and Classroom Education Support 

I began working at St John Bosco in 2022 after 12 years as an educator and team leader in an Early Years setting. I felt welcomed the moment l walked into the school. I am a passionate and skilled educator who strives to have a positive influence on the students and community. I am an enthusiastic and reliable professional, with a passion for creating opportunities that support all student’s growth, development and inclusion.  I build strong, positive relationships with children and have the ability to develop successful working relationships with parents, colleagues and the wider community. I am an effective communicator and have excellent interpersonal skills.

Jenna Weber 

Reception Teacher 

It is with great excitement that I join the SJB school community in 2023. I am a dedicated Reception to Year 7 educator and have been with Catholic Education for twelve years. I have a passion for working in the early years and love sharing each child’s learning journey as they spark natural curiosity, wonder and awe. I nurture a learning environment where strong relationships are at the forefront, each child is viewed as capable and competent, listening is valued, and learning is visible. I enjoy working closely in partnership with families and caregivers to ensure the best learning outcomes for each individual child.

Kelli Rose 

Year 5-6 Teacher 

I feel extremely privileged to join the wonderful St John Bosco community in 2023. I bring with me 20 years of experience teaching Kindergarten through to Year 6 in a variety of different educational settings and contexts. I hold a very strong image of the child as competent and capable, and feel passionate about supporting children’s agency in learning. I strive to provide an evidence-based curriculum that is engaging, challenging and fun, while developing positive relationships with children and their families. Having trained in early childhood education, I hold every child at the heart of my teaching practise, encouraging them to flourish as individuals full of hopes and dreams for their future.

Charlie Willoughby 

Year 1-2 Teacher 

In 2020 I was warmly welcomed to the St John Bosco as a staff member in the Out of School Hours program. 3 years later, after 2 years experience in OSHC and a years experience working as a temporary relief teacher, I return as a full time Junior Primary Educator. I strive to support children in being the best they can be, both inside and outside the classroom, and am passionate about providing an enriching, engaging and inclusive curriculum for all. I work in partnership with my learning community, children, parents and leadership to ensure the best schooling experience possible. I take pride in watching children discover new things, excel in their learning and gain a sense of who they are as a unique individual.

David Angus 


I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be a part of the vibrant and nurturing St John Bosco school community. The community embraces unique strengths and perspectives, fostering a sense of belonging for all students. As an educator, I believe in creating an inclusive, supportive and cooperative learning environment where all students have agency over their own learning. I firmly believe that meaningful education is possible only when relationships are carefully understood and developed. By fostering student connection, the learning experiences for students in my class are accessible, safe, enjoyable and student-centred to achieve their full potential.

Sarah Graham 


It is with great excitement that I joined the St John Bosco School community in 2023. I have worked in Catholic Education for the past 11 years, with the majority of that time spent in the early years. I was a founding participant in CESA’s Transition Project and have worked to develop and lead both Reception and whole school transition programs. Transition to school is such an important and exciting time in a child and families’ life and I feel blessed to have been able to work with our Little Boscos transition program and mid-year Reception children. I am passionate about working in partnership with families and honouring the rights of the child. Outside of school, I am also President of the Early Childhood Organisation (EChO) which is a non-for-profit association committed to developing the status, high quality and future direction of early childhood education. 


Kathleen Williams 

Reception Teacher and Science Teacher 

I feel privileged to be joining the supportive and welcoming learning community of St John Bosco this year. I believe that ensuring all students feel a sense of belonging is imperative to ensure that they experience academic, emotional, and social success. I am passionate about building positive relationships with every child to ensure that they feel safe, respected, valued, and understood. Relationship building, and understanding each student enables me to use an interest and strength-based approach to ensure a life-long passion for learning. I endeavour to create learning experiences that foster children’s curiosity and encourages them to become self-motivated learners driven by their sense of wonder through hands-on, child centred experiences.