School Reports

Living Learning Leading Framework

Thriving People, Capable Learners, Leaders for the World God Desires

CESA’s Living Learning Leading Framework provides us a foundation for understanding what we do in Catholic Education – who we are, what we value and how we partner with our families to ensure learners thrive.

At the heart of our framework is our commitment to our learners and our understanding of all people – we see them as thriving people, capable learners, and leaders for the world God desires.

Strategic Plan

The St John Bosco Strategic Plan 2019-2021 was developed by staff and the School Board in consultation with parents. The Strategic Plan defines the course of action throughout the lifespan of the document. Inspired by our vision and CESA’s Living Learning Leading Framework, our Strategic Plan outlines our priorities and ambitions under the following headings:

  • Catholic Identity and Mission
  • Teaching, Learning and Wellbeing
  • Home, School, Community Partnerships
  • Administration and Resourcing
  • Ecological Conversion

Annual Report

Each year, our school produces an Annual Report outlining the school's performance and position in a number of key areas. The report is presented at the Annual General Meeting each year in March, but due to COVID restrictions the 2022 AGM was held in May.

Performance Report

Each year, the Director of Catholic Education is required to report to the Australian Government Minister for Education, on the compliance of all Catholic schools in South Australia with the regulations of the Australian Education Act 2013.